Hail Baseball! – A Free Short Story by Rob Cely

I miss Baseball. If you know me, you know that’s a massive understatement. If you don’t know me, you should probably know that’s a massive understatement. I miss Baseball.

So why is it that, after nearly three months of Covid Craziness and Free Flash Fiction-ing, did someone other than me write a Baseball story? I don’t know, bubba. Maybe some things in life are just too painful to look at. For you, that might be the social unrest, the unraveling of constitutional liberties, or the fact that some politicians like to pander to people online so much, you wonder if they are capable of original thought beyond “how can I manipulate this group to vote for ME! ME! ME!”

For me, though, it’s baseball.

Which makes today’s Free story from Rob Cely all that more sweet. It’s about baseball, and it makes me smile. Here’s “Hail Baseball!” by Rob Cely. Click on Joey Votto to read all about it.

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