Recruiters: Not What They’re Cracked Up To Be

If you’re out there looking for a job, you may be tempted to throw your efforts into working with recruiters. This can work out well for you if you keep two very important rules in mind as you proceed;
  1. Recruiters work for potential employers. They do not work for you. If they can get you into a new job as quickly as possible, they will, even if it means getting you somewhere that is a horrible fit.
  2. Recruiters are often ignorant of the requirements they hope to meet in their search for potential new employees.
Hello Joseph,
I came across a position I thought would interest you. Please take a moment to review this opportunity and let me know if you would like to learn more.
Position: Tableau Developer
Location: Newark, DE
Required Skills: 
1) 5+ years of Tableau 8 development experience.
2) Ability to rapidly develop Tableau dashboards
3) Ability to quickly understand reporting requirements and translate them into actionable visualizations.
4) Experience working with complex data sets.
5) Assist with requirements, testing, and production of Data Quality Reporting
6) Good communication skills to assist and lead training across the team
My Response…

Sounds Interesting!

Quick question: If Tableu 8 was released in March of 2013, how is it possible to have 5+ years of experience with it? Unless…Are you e-mailing me from the future!

Oh boy!

What’s it like in the future? Has the planet melted? Are there constant riots (we’re currently dealing with the Baltimore riots. Do you remember those? Did they end quickly? I sure hope so)? Have the CIncinnati Bengals finally put together team that can win a playoff game?

I have so many questions. If you have a phone number where I can call you in the future, I’d love to talk about stuff further.

As things stand, I only have two years of experience with Tableau 8. If I get this job and you pull me through an Einstein-Rosen bridge to the future, will I be given credit for the extra year of development I technically never experienced? What if I locate a DeLorean like from Back to the Future? Would that help?

I look forward to hearing again … FROM THE FUTURE!