Glory of the Outcast – A Free Short Story by Rob Cely

Rob is the King of Metaphors. I ain’t lyin’, neither. Check out his resume sometime. He’s got “King of Metaphors” right there on the first page, just underneath “World Class Author” and right after “WalMart Greeter,” because everyone successful in life has been a WalMart Greeter at one point or another, right?


This week, Rob Brings us the Free Fiction with a short story about what it means to be free on a society that doesn’t want you to be. And also: living in the woods and wearing flannel (I think). Check out “Glory of the Outcast” by clicking on the woodsy image below.

Thanks for taking the time to read this story. Join us again next week for a new release from the Free Fiction Wednesday Club, where one of our award-winning authors will sneak into your brain and extract the things that move you, scare you, excite you, and make you feel love and other emotions (my favorite emotion: hunger).

While you wait, please check out some of the other authors in our tribe. Joseph CourtemancheJamie GreeningKathy KexelDerek ElkinsRob Cely, and Dr. Paul J Bennett. Most of us have some sort of books and other things for sale. We’d appreciate your support if you’re willing.

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