Elevator Conversations: Reality and the Meaning of Existence

Not Person: I read your latest Elevator Conversations post. Me: Yeah? Did you like it? Not Person: No. Me: Why not? Not Person: You made it up, didn’t you? You make them all up! Me: I make some of them up. Most are real. And others are a mix. Not Person: You shouldn’t do that. […]

Elevator Conversations: Sleepy Time

Two men standing in an elevator. One has a large bruise on his forehead. Man #1: Dude. What happened to your face? Man #2: Oh nothing. I just fell asleep in the shower and knocked my head against the faucet. Man #1: Wow. I bet that woke you up.pretty quick, huh? Man #2: No. I […]

Elevator Conversations: Dora

I’m standing in the elevator. Some guy walks in, presses a button, and the doors close. The elevator does not move. Me: Great. Him: (to the tune of a Dora Explorer song) Come on, Vomanos. Everybody let’s go!. I look at him as if to say, “Really, dude?” He looks sheepish until the elevator starts […]