1313 – A Free Halloween Short Story from Kathy Kexel

The Free Flash Fiction Halloween Spectacular continues unabated with a story from Kathy Kexel. Now, long time readers of the Fondue Writers club will know that Kathy isn’t exactly known for her spookiness and scare-i-tude. As fellow author, Jamie Greening, notes:

Creepy doesn’t come natural to Kathy Kexel the way it does to the rest of us in the little writer’s collaboration. She’s the Marsha Brady of the Fondue Writers Club. She is sweet, gentle, and innocent. Kind of the opposite of Joe Shaw.

But Kathy comes through in fine form with a creepy and always visually stunning short story called “1313.” Check it out for yourself.

Thanks for visiting. We’ve got a bunch of stories coming out for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Today’s is the second of the Halloween bunch. Check out some of the other authors in our tribe. Joseph CourtemancheJamie GreeningKathy KexelDerek ElkinsRob Cely, and Dr. Paul J Bennett.

And keep your eyes peeled at THIS SPACE for an announcement about our new book coming SOON.

See y’all again on Monday. Don’t Break Anything.

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