The Hallowe’en That Wasn’t – By Kathy Kexel

If it were 1965 and we all lived in a small town somewhere in Wisconsin, I’m sure we’d all gather ’round Kathy Kexel’s porch on brisk Fall evenings to eat some hard candies and listen to the latest story she’d spent the day developing.

Sometimes, that story would be heartwarming, and sometimes it would be scary. But it would always be good.

Today, Kathy brings us a story about a Halloween never experienced, but an experience that has outlived many other extant Halloweens for many years. Check out her story, The Hallowe’en that wasn’t.

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Derek Alan Elkins will be back on Wednesday with another Halloween story. Until then, keep preparing for that final holiday, keep hoping it never comes, and always always … don’t break anything

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