The Covid Quarantine Cantina

The quarantines were tough. Still are for some folks. Our lives have all changed because of them. Despite all this difficulty, we can all be sure there is one, universal thing that helps us get through in tough times like these.


But beyond that: Stories.

Sharing our stories of success, of failure, of fears, of hopes, and all manner of strange and comfortable things is what binds us together in difficult, dark, and disparate times. A few of us got together back in the beginning and started sharing some of our stories. Fiction, yes, but there are kernels of truth in all of the stories. We published them for free – just as we continue to publish free stories even today.

We gathered our COVID stories together into a book where you, Dear Reader, can share in our stories, see how naive we were in the beginning, how our moods changed throughout, and how we’ve come to some semblance of hope (or, in my case, a happy-go-lucky Nihilism!) as time passes.

It’s called “The Covid Quarantine Cantina,” and it’s available in Kindle, eBook, and (sooon) Audio (we hired Santa Claus to do the stories. Because that just makes sense). Check it out here. Buy a few copies for your friends. Buy some of the print copies so that, later, when your grandkids ask what the Covid Quarantines were like, you point at this collection of stories and say, “I don’t know, but these people are weird. Don’t end up like these folks. Whatever you do.”

And, if you are so inclined, please share YOUR stories with US. The Quarantine Cantina is open to everyone.


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