Patient Zero by Jamie Greening

Hey there folks. How’s your COVID Quarantine going? Well, I hope. And, if not well, here’s hoping you at least haven’t had to go shopping for two week’s worth of liquor for the third time this week like I have.

Yesterday, we brought you a fresh, new, ABBA-inspired story of Coronapocalypse -fueled mental desperation from the man, the myth, the mentally desperate legend: Joseph Courtemanche. Did you like it? Let me know in the comments.

Taking a cue from “the Sound of Music” by going all the way back to the beginning (a very good place to start), today we delve into the possibilities of how this whole thing started with a brand new piece of flash fiction from the warped mind of Jamie D. Greening. Hot off the presses. Check out “Patient Zero”

I’ll be back tomorrow with yet another short story from YoursTruly to salve the soul and frighten the senses.