The Labor Day – A Free Fiction Fondue Writer’s Story from Jamie Greening

Ladies and Gentlepersons. The day you have been waiting for, the hour you have dreamt of, the moment for which you have held out hope, the very second upon which you have rested all of your pent up antici…

…pation has finally arrived.

The Fondue Writer’s Club and Bar and Grille and Laundromat is back with a host of Labor Day stories to flirt with your fantasies. From now through Labor Day, the Fondue Writers will Bring Tha Funk and Bring the Noise, all in hopes of satiating the quivering desires of you, our most favoritest people, our constant readers (and random folks who stumbled in from the farthest reaches of the Internet.

LEADING OFF this time is Jamie Greening with a Sci-Fi-ish take on Labor Day. Dr Greening has a nigh-CS-Lewisian approach to Science Fiction, with. Stephen King Like ability to turn the story on a dime and make you question reality, and he does not shy away with his Labor Day Story: The Labor Day.

We’re working HARD for you, here, at the Fondue Writer’s secret bunker in rural Florida, and we hope you enjoy our stories. If you liked this one, why not check out the sites for ALL of the Fondue Writers: Joseph CourtemancheJamie D. GreeningKathy KexelDerek Alan ElkinsRob Cely, and Dr. Paul Bennet. IIF you could see your way to parting with a (very) few dollars on occasion, you might pick up a few copies of their other books as well? It covers the cost of everything, and it gives us hope in those long, dark nights when we’re dreaming up new stories, that Labor Day miracles really do come true.

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I say our “FIRST” collection, which might imply a second collection coming down the … pipeline … soon. More on that in the weeks to come.