Santa Claus is Here – A Free Christmas Story by Santa Claus (aka Joe Courtemanche)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

We’ve made it to the end of another Holiday Explode-A-Ganza with the Fondue Writers Club AND Bar & Grille AND Laudromat. What better way to polish off this one than to end with a story from Santa Claus himself, Joseph Courtemanche.

Here’s a wonderful story about communities and the Spirit of Christmas. It’s called “Santa Claus is Here

While you’re at it, why not check out our new book of short stories. It’s called THE COVID QUARANTINE CANTINA, and it’s available in Paperback, Kindle, or Audiobook. Check out more of Santa Joe’s work at his website: He’s got some books for sale at his Amazon Author Page as well as on Audible.

Thanks for checking out our stories. We have some Halloween and Thanksgiving stories as well, if you’re interested. It’s been a wild ride this year. We hope you had fun. We know we did. Have a Merry Christmas everyone. Have fun, Stay healthy, and please don’t break anything.

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