Histoire gratuite pour votre plaisir et votre plaisir. “The Package” de Jamie Greening

If you have followed past instructions – as I am sure you have, Gentle Reader – you will have, by now, encountered The Butch Gregory series by Jamie Greening. You will also have become acquainted with the character of Wyoming Wallace, and his penchant for solving problems with violence and sarcasm.

Exactly the kind of Project Management and Negotiation skills I can get behind!

So, when you read today’s Flash Fiction from Jamie Greening, you will know all references to previously published material therein, and will take JOY in revisiting a previously loved character and his exploits bringing a very important package to someone in need. Click on the elevator below and enjoy!

IF you have no idea what I’m taking about, Go to Jamie’s page, so you can read up on the Butch Gregory series, and get the full extent of excitement and nostalgia from Jamie’s new story, “The Package.”

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