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  1. And then, suddenly, you’re old enough to collect Social Security. You’ve survived cancer, but arthritis is your daily companion. You can’t manage a ten mile, or even two mile bike anymore. And yet it doesn’t matter that you weren’t Einstein or DiMaggio. What matters is that once, a half century ago you were part of a human chain that saved a girl from drowning. What matters is the time you came upon an elderly woman struggling to support her even frailer husband and you held him up and helped him into their car and she asked, “Are you an angel?” What matters is when you took a tearful, chubby little girl into your arms, wiped her tears, and told her that what the bullies were saying about her were lies and that she is made in the i. age of God and is valuable and beautiful. What matters is you kept your promotion we to your dying father and took care of your mother until she passed at almost 92. That’s the wisdom of old age.

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