The Wind is Shifting Again – An Absolutely Free Covid Captivity Story from Joseph Courtemanche

Y’all’re in for a treat today. Boy howdy.

The Covid Captivity Free Flash Fiction series continues today with Joseph Courtemanche’s new short Story, “The Wind Is Shifting Again.” What you may not know is, not only is Joe a celebrated author, he’s also a professional audio artist. And, lucky for you, he’s recorded an audio version of his new short story.

As Telly Savalas used to say: “Who loves ya, baby!”

Click on the firestorm below to read all about the new short story, and keep your eyes (and minds) open and flexible for tomorrow’s short story … which may or may not have an accompanying audio format.

Click on the fire to read and HEAR the story. When that’s finished, if you’d like to visit Joe’s Amazon Author Page or his Audio Page (and bask in the warmth of his dulcet tones) and support him by buying some of his stuff, he’d much appreciate it.