Keep Pushing

I haven’t said anything in this space, but I applied to be a TEDx presenter a few months back. And, wonder of wonders, they didn’t reject me outright!

This would be the first time out of about nine or ten applications that I got a callback for an interview. I spoke with one of the organizers a few weeks ago, did some video recordings, and the people who make the decisions are RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT working toward putting together that final list.

I’d love it if I could be on that stage (sometime in March), but I’m not holding my breath. These things are hard to get to, and there are a TON of good speakers out there, vying for the same spot. One of them, my good friend Michael Nunes (who pops up in my debate posts occasionally … under a different name, of course), is hoping to get the call as well.

We’ll see what happens.

It’s just a good feeling when you’ve butted your head against what feels like a brick wall for a long time and then, suddenly, there is a crack. Even if I don’t make this one, the fact that I got to interview makes me want to keep pushing.

Keep pushing at your brick walls, no matter how string they may seem. If we all keep at it, eventually, we’ll knock them down.