Authors You Should Check Out: Paul Bennett

You know how, with some folks, you just can’t seem to get their names right? Such is the case with Paul Bennett. I kept wanting to call him Steve. Or John. And then, once I got the first name right, I kept wanting to call him Paul Anderson. And EVEN THEN, I kept misspelling his last name. Benet? Bennet? Benett? Benette?

I’m sorry, Paul. I really am.

At any rate, Paul was one of the last writers to join our band of merry misfits. But his impact was huge. Check out Paul Bennett (or Benet. Or Bennet. Or whatever).

How was the experience of writing your stories for The Covid Quarantine Cantina?

It was a great experience writing for the COVID Quarantine Cantina. Several of my partners had a great idea for our group of writers to band together to provide some much-needed entertainment and distraction during a very trying time. Not only did it encourage us to dust off our writing skills and produce some quality stories, but it also allowed us to interact and build friendships with others living across the country. In addition, it was beneficial to our writing productivity by providing us with deadlines to meet. No one likes deadlines, but they do have a way of making sure the work gets done.

Of all the stories you wrote, which was your favorite?

I found writing a Halloween-themed story to be the most challenging, but that challenge also produced my favorite story. It turned out that after The Visitation was published on my blog, I was overwhelmed by the number of people who contacted me to tell me how much they could identify regarding the haunting they experience from their past sins, but also their thankfulness for God’s forgiveness.

How has the Covid Pandemic affected your life?

As a physician, COVID-19 has brought many challenges, but I have to be honest when I say that, during this time, God has given me a peace like never before. More than ever, I am convinced that I will not leave this world one second before He intended and that while I am here I am to go out into a fearful world to humbly, but courageously share His love.

What are you working on right now and in the near future? What can we look forward to?

Right now, my writing projects include writing the sequel to my novel, A Fall of Sparrows, as well as continuing to publish short stories on my blog. I will also soon release a previously unpublished novel of mine, Amalric, which is a historical fiction novel set  in Germania in the year 16 AD.  My plan is to release this novel, one chapter at a time, onto my blog. 

See more of Paul’s work, as well as each of the Fondue Writers, in our now-almost-a-year-in-publication book, The Covid Quarantine Cantina:

Song in October – A Free Story from Dr. Paul Bennett

I originally intended to share a quasi-embarrassing story about a time, back in high school, when I went to a prom or a homecomming dance with a girl-who-was-maybe-a-girlfriend-but-we-never-had-a-conversation-about-it-so-who-knows-yknow-what-I-Mean. And I had a few to choose from because, as it turns out, one of the things in life I am good at is wandering into situations that will make for good stories a few years down the line.

Unfortunately, I believe I’m friends on Facebook with most of the women who lucked out into having to go to a high school dance with me instead of someone cool, and I’m quite certain they would call me on my b.s. Which means I’d have to be honest about the stories. And what kind of fun is that?

So here’s a sweet story about young people in love from a new entry into our fun band of misfits. Dr Paul Bennett (an actual doctor, as opposed to Doctor Joe Courtemanche, who is a Doctor of Transcendental Epistemology, which is a thing I did not just totally make up) spends his days fighting the Covid-19 virus and saving people’s lives. At night, he writes stuff like this.

I bet all those girls-who-were-maybe-a-girlfriend-but-we-never-had-a-conversation-about-it-so-who-knows-yknow-what-I-Mean would have preferred to be with someone like HIM way back when.

I know I would have if I were in their shoes.

Click on the young couple below to read “A Song in October.”