Speech Contesting: The Farce Awakens

After months of hard work, I accomplished a small goal for this year. I won the District 84 Toastmasters International Speech contest. This is round four out of six. The whole thing starts in February with over 30,000 competitors in 15K+ clubs in over 100 countries worldwide. In August, I will represent central and northern […]

A Terrible Thing Made Worse: Reds v Brewers

The good folks at Redlegnation have me writing the game previews for the Reds’ series against the Milwaukee Brewers this weekend. The Reds have failed to meet even my low standards for this season. I fail to see how things can get much worse at this point. Of course, saying that means things WILL get […]

Zack Cozart Is Your Quarter Season MVP. #FML

Zack Cozart is one of those major leaguers you can’t hate. He grinds. He sacrifices his body for the game (which is probably a bit insane when you think about it. But damn if it ain’t entertaining!). He’s not one of the guys you expect to be a quarter season MVP. But here we are, […]

Elevator Conversations: The Sound of Silence

I’m standing in an elevator, alone, when a man in a leather coat and dark sunglasses walks in. The door closes behind him. The man turns his head and stares at me. Me: Hey, man. How’s it going? Him: … Me: … Him:… Me: Hot out today, isn’t it? Him: … Me: … Him: … […]